Solar Energy - an online video course

Learn about solar energy, from the single components to a solar PV system design. Focus on technical and commercial aspects.

6 chapter Solar Energy online video training. 

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About the training

The demand for green energy and alternative sources is on the rise. Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sectors. As modern technologies emerge, it is essential to continue learning and understanding this fast-growing industry's basic concepts and technologies.

This Solar Energy Training is the key for people who want to expand their knowledge and work in solar energy and related industries. After taking this training, you will gain the skills required to be involved in solar photovoltaic projects of any size.

You can expect to learn the solar energy fundamentals, including current market trends, technologies, PV components, various applications, energy storage, PV engineering, and an introduction to PV finance.

You will know how to calculate a building's electricity demand, how to reduce the total demand, and how to design a solar panel system that can meet those annual requirements.

Solar Energy Online Course is designed to provide an overview of the current state of the solar energy industry, the direction of development, and resources for further learning.

What you will learn:

  • How energy has been crucial to human development, connecting the past to the present. The importance of electrification in relation to solar energy, a brief explanation of terminology related to the solar industry, photovoltaic and thermal technology.
  • Photovoltaic technology in detail, beginning with the development of solar cells and ending with the individual components that make up a photovoltaic system.
  • Applications of photovoltaic technology and how the technology is used to meet a variety of energy needs and the solutions that have been developed for those needs.
  • Financial implications related to electricity costs, business and operational models used to deliver the needed solutions.
  • We will examine the compatibility of solar energy with essential sustainable solutions such as battery storage, electric vehicles, distributed energy resources, and smart energy management devices.
  • The impact of software and geographic information systems on the development of solar solutions.
  • Influence of social, economic, and environmental conditions on solar solutions being developed and offered.

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Meet N P Vincent

N P Vincent is a strategy consultant and entrepreneur with experience and expertise in:

  • Renewable Energy & Storage
  • Electrical Vehicles & Charging Infrastructure
  • Smart Home Automation & Energy Efficiency

Vincent is leading projects from ideas to fully operational business in the renewable energy, electric vehicle, and smart home industries. He is passionate about renewable energy and he believes that is the only way to solve today's energy and environmental problems.

Vincent is highly qualified to suggest a suitable business model to adapt to gain market dominance. Over the years, he has worked on projects in IT services, eCommerce, smart home automation, and renewable energy.

This course is a significant first step for a career-focused individual to understand the world of solar energy.

Training outline

Chapter I - Introduction to solar

Learning objectives:

  • History of energy
  • Importance of solar
  • Introduction of solar photovoltaic
  • Introduction of solar thermal

Video training: 17:05 minutes

Chapter II - Solar PV tech

Learning objectives:

  • How is the solar PV module integrated into the solar solution
  • What type of solar modules are produced and the key specifications
  • What is the efficiency of the modules and trend of development

Video training: 16:54 minutes

Chapter III - Solar PV applications

Learning objectives:

  • Solar PV utility scale
  • Solar residential
  • Battery storage
  • Pay-as-you-go

Video training: 27:49 minutes

Chapter IV - Solar and finance

Learning objectives:

  • Levelized cost of electricity
  • Estimating returns
  • Financial Models
  • Financial Institutions

Video training: 27:43 minutes

Chapter V - Solar and storage

Learning objectives:

  • Characteristic of the batteries
  • Battery life cycle and battery flow
  • Solar + EV
  • Distributed energy resources and vehicle to grid
  • Electrification, efficiency, and smart IOT devices

Video training: 19:49 minutes

Chapter VI - Solar and regions

Learning objectives:

  • Solar in developed markets
  • Solar in developing markets
  • Solar on islands and remote locations
  • Solar on islands and remote locations

Video training: 20:48 minutes

Training certificate

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After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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This training is educational and informative. It provides tools that you can use to pursue greater heights in this market. It will bring you to the next level in the solar energy sector.

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5 star rating


Eliyah Pippalla

5 star rating

5 stat

Adair pimenta

5 star rating

Fantastic overview if the solar energy market!

Katarzyna Bodden

This course is good for every professional in the renewable energy industry. It gives vital information on the current technology applications, design, and f...

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This course is good for every professional in the renewable energy industry. It gives vital information on the current technology applications, design, and financial considerations.

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5 star rating

Wide scope and great insights

Melanie Almeida

The course offers a wide scope about the solar energy industry, ranging from technical aspects and industry trends to financial features. Allowing the viewer...

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The course offers a wide scope about the solar energy industry, ranging from technical aspects and industry trends to financial features. Allowing the viewer to gain great insights about the Solar Energy industry. The video itself is easy to follow and the knowledge is shared on a simple and summarized manner.

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5 star rating


Declan Bruen

Very good

Very good

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