When: 5th - th of December 2022 at 08:00 AM EST, Where: Live Online

Cost $ 2350

Mastering Renewable Energy Project Finance

Influenced by demographics, strong support by government bodies and international organizations worldwide and associated with the anxiety over climate change, investors are looking more and more favorably at renewable energy assets.

Thanks to huge cost reductions over the past two decades, wind and solar power in particular can now compete with conventional fossil means of power generation. With their flexibility and ease of deployment, these technology-based power generating assets provide access to electricity for millions of people around the world who are far from existing grid infrastructure, while challenging the business models of traditional utilities.

Our 5-day program will fully equip participants with the latest information and techniques on financing and investing strategies in all types of renewable energy projects, enabling them to successfully participate in the international renewable energy industry.

This training is a strategic framework to understand the business models, financing instruments, and deal structures peculiar to renewable energy projects.

What you will learn

  • Characteristics of renewable energy projects
  • Risk identification, risk allocation, risk mitigation techniques in financing renewable energy projects
  • Different operating models, contracts, and financing instruments are used to fund renewable energy projects, including channels to access finance
  • How to build and use financial models to analyze the projects and the participant’s cash flows. The financial model is crucial in assisting developers, investors, lenders, and customers
  • How to identify and categorize risks and study strategies to control, mitigate, finance, avoid and manage them

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Who should join

  • Finance directors
  • Asset managers
  • Investment analysts
  • Company owners
  • Fund managers
  • Project developers and CEOs
  • Business and strategy analysts
  • Business development managers
  • Regulatory authority staff members
  • Financiers involved in project finance, investment analysis, and syndicated lending
  • Government bodies engaged in sponsoring/assessing project finance deals
  • Bankers (commercial, investment, institutional, corporate, and development)
  • Project managers
  • Contractors
  • Investment analysts
  • Project sponsors
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How it works?

  • 5th - 9th of December 2022

    The online training will take place over 5 days and it will be lasting 3 hours daily.

  • Recording

    The session will be recorded and sent out to all registered delegates.

  • Notification

    Once you’ve registered for the training, we will email you with all information and login credentials.

Training Agenda

Session 1, 3h

Overview of renewable energy products and projects

  • Global Market growth
  • International energy usage and global investments in the renewable energy market
  • Overview of renewable energy projects: construction, technology, operations, maintenance, revenue stream in: solar farms, wind farms, geothermal, hydro, landfill gas
  • Introduction to Project finance

    • What is a project finance deal and its main participants
    • Market of project finance and its principles
    • Project finance as the primary financing source for renewables - critical drivers for investors and lenders
    • Risks on investors and lender side

Session 2, 3h

Business models

  • Models for generating clean energy, wholesale power purchase agreements (PPA)
  • Models for procuring clean energy, leasing models, and direct off-site PPAs
  • Models for facilitating, trading, and aggregating demand for clean energy, reverse auctions, and municipal aggregation
  • Revenue, pricing, operational costs

Join the training and became an expert!

Get an insightful overview of the existing markets, architectures and industry players associated with financing and investing in renewable energy projects.

Training methodology

The agenda will combine presented materials with plenty of opportunities for Q&A, interactive discussions, and the use of quantitative models to illustrate key learning points. Current market examples and data are utilized wherever helpful.

Course Certificate

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After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance.