Introduction to Renewable Power by John Massey

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Introduction to Renewable Power training

The ongoing climate change is rapidly increasing concern for global warming, and the widespread depletion of non-renewable energy sources has brought the spotlight to the renewable energy sector.

The renewable industry has become ever-blooming with huge career opportunities and a need for trained professionals worldwide. However, a lack of proper training and guidance puts barriers against those seeking a career in this sector.

Professionals struggle to efficiently conduct financial and risk assessments for renewable energy projects and investment decisions. As a solution, Noviron offers a suitable "Introduction to Renewable Energies" training program with leading industry expert John Massey. Learn every element of the industry, various technologies, and trends, and be prepared for taking your first steps into the renewables business.

Welcome to the world of renewable energy!

Introduction to Renewable Energy is an online training course that provides the foundations of renewable energy and is a perfect introduction for those who are new to the renewable energy market, those seeking a career change, or those who want to learn more about solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, energy efficiency and the basics of energy storage.

Join individuals who have gotten their first taste of renewable energy.

By completing this course, you will: 

  • Gain a good understanding of the core scientific and technological concepts behind each source of renewable power 
  • Learn to ‘speak the language’ of renewable power 
  • Be better placed to converse with others in the renewable power sector from a sound knowledge base.
  • Recognize both the pros and cons of each of the renewable power options 
  • Appreciate the key processes and essential considerations when creating renewable power projects 
  • Better understand the role of different renewable power sources in future electricity supply mixes, including which factors in evaluating.
  • Understand how renewable power impacts the grid and the broader power system, including new opportunities for technologies such as energy storage 
  • Recognize the key economic variables which determine a renewable power project business case 
  • Learn which key aspects drive policy and how these, in turn, influence the transition to renewable power 

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Meet John Massey

Dr. John Massey is one of the leading experts in the renewable power sector with years of experience teaching and guiding professionals with insider knowledge on this sector. He is the managing director of Grey Cells Energy Ltd., were conducts assessments and risk analysis for clean energy technologies.

He ensures the best learning experience for professionals with one-to-one coaching, online training courses, market briefings, and the business plan and strategy consulting for SMEs to grasp better market opportunities. His recent collaboration with Noviron has made professional training much easier and reasonable for professionals seeking guidance in this sector.

This course is a great first step for a career-focused individual to understand the world of renewable energy possibilities.

Training outline

Chapter I - Renewable energy resources & principles

Learning objectives:

  • Primary energy resources (scale and scalability, by the numbers)
  • Global and local geographic factors
  • Defining ‘renewable’ (and contrasting with terms such as ‘sustainable’ or ‘environmental’)
  • Understanding and contrasting the ‘variability’ of renewable resources
  • Variability, renewable power supply choices and the energy mix

Video training: 18:05 minutes

Chapter II - Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Learning objectives:

  • Essentials of the solar resource
  • PV materials and technology trends
  • What makes a solar farm? (from cells to modules, arrays, and other components)
  • Innovations around land use
  • The other solar power: CSP

Video training: 30:58 minutes

Chapter III - Wind power

Learning objectives:

  • The (basic) math's of converting wind speed to electrical power
  • Why wind power is not just about wind speed: wind resource complexities
  • What makes a wind turbine? (key components and design elements)
  • Wind turbine and technology trends
  • Factors determining wind farm layouts

Video training: 20:20 minutes

Chapter IV - Offshore wind (and other ocean energy options)

Learning objectives:

  • Comparing offshore and onshore wind resources
  • What is different about an offshore wind farm? (components and construction)
  • Divergence in the needs of wind turbines off vs. onshore
  • Floating wind
  • Tidal and wave power conversion: options and challenges

Video training: 15:38 minutes

Chapter V - Geothermal power

Learning objectives:

  • Distinguishing the resource needs for power from those for heat
  • The challenges and cost factors in geothermal resource assessment
  • What makes a geothermal power plant? (field and power generation components)
  • Operational and resource management considerations
  • Alternative approaches to geothermal power

Video training: 17:44 minutes

Chapter VI - Hydropower

Learning objectives:

  • The basic math's of converting water flow to power
  • The key resource and project risk considerations
  • Hydropower as a source of energy storage
  • Scale, scalability and sustainability considerations

Video training: 12:21 minutes

Chapter VII - Biopower

Learning objectives:

  • Segmenting what is meant by ‘biopower’, including solid, liquid and gas fuel options
  • Understanding the array of conversion pathways from feedstock to power
  • Understanding the array of resource (feedstock) options
  • The sustainability challenges of biopower (is it really renewable?)
  • Scale and scalability of biopower projects

Video training: 16:40 minutes

Chapter VIII - Renewable power and its system-level impacts

Learning objectives:

  • Power system planning and the variability of renewable resources
  • Integrating renewable power into the electricity grid (technical challenges)
  • The impact of small-scale, distributed renewable power
  • Electricity markets and the changing ‘value’ of renewable power
  • System-level influences and outcomes for clean electricity mixes

Video training: 22:38 minutes

Chapter IX - The economic parameters of different renewable power options

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the essential variables of a profitable power project
  • Historical trends in renewable power costs
  • The impact of small-scale, distributed renewable power
  • How the cost structures of different renewable power options vary
  • Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE): what it is, why it is used, and when it should not be
  • The key aspects of financial risk for energy investors and policymakers

Video training: 30:57 minutes

Chapter X - Summary: pathways to decarbonised electricity systems

Learning objectives:

  • How decarbonisation through renewable power can improve electricity system outcomes
  • Where decarbonisation through renewable power faces the biggest challenges
  • Taking a holistic view of energy transition ‘costs’
  • One size doesn’t fit all: different pathways for different geographic and market environments

Video training: 10:46 minutes

Training certificate

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After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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This training is designed for people interested in renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable energy technology and does not require any prior experience in studying this topic.

What our students say about this training

4 star rating


Uchenna Ejim-Madu

Very useful video

Very useful video

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5 star rating

Complete Materials

Sylvia Fera Fitri

Thank you Noviron, the materials are very helpful and complete, simple but comprehensive for me as a newbie in understanding Renewable Power.

Thank you Noviron, the materials are very helpful and complete, simple but comprehensive for me as a newbie in understanding Renewable Power.

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5 star rating



Good Information

Good Information

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5 star rating

Great introduction to Renewable Power

Leon White

This was quite an intensive course that required a significant amount of studying at home. In the end, it was certainly worth the effort after achieving a re...

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This was quite an intensive course that required a significant amount of studying at home. In the end, it was certainly worth the effort after achieving a reasonably sound grasp of the subject matter.

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5 star rating


Suresh Gurung

5 star rating

Introduction to Renewable Power

Kanaga Gnana

Looks good

Looks good

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5 star rating

Very insightful lecture

Katarzyna Bodden

An excellent introductory course for people with little or no experience in renewable energy.

An excellent introductory course for people with little or no experience in renewable energy.

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5 star rating

Chapter 1

hamid srt

Very good

Very good

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