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Energy Storage Training

By taking this Energy Storage training, you’ll gain a broad understanding of one of the most significant topics in the renewable energy industry, which is challenging the way companies and governments shape their energy demands.

This Energy Storage Training is the ideal starting point to build your knowledge and start gaining experience in the field of energy storage. Through the content brought to you by our world class trainer Peter Kelly-Detwiler, you immediately have a head start in the field and can start shaping the future of energy.

With the incredible rise of intermittent renewable energy sources connected to the power grid, there’s an increasingly important role for energy storage to guarantee a reliable, stable, and continuous supply of energy around the world.

This outstanding Energy Storage training goes in-depth in critical topics for successful strategic planning and development of energy storage projects.

As a start, the course covers various storage technologies, including battery energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, flywheel energy storage, thermal energy storage, long-term energy storage, energy storage devices, and various other technologies.

Further, you’ll learn the different storage applications and issues related to the grid, including peak demand management, wholesale market opportunities, renewables firming and hybrid generation, and transmission and distribution infrastructure deferrals.

Attendees are able to recognize the differences in lithium-ion technologies and identify concerns related to cost curves, supply chain efficiencies, and potential constraints on critical raw materials. After taking this Energy Storage course, you’re ready to get involved in storage projects and evaluate prospects for future growth in line with the latest trends in the industry.

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Meet Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Peter Kelly-Detwiller is one of the masterminds of the energy industry, co-founder of NorthBridge Energy Partners, LLC., a consulting firm that helps companies to develop strategies for rapidly evolving power markets.

He recently published the book ‘The Energy Switch: How Companies and Customers Are Transforming the Electrical Grid and the Future of Power’.

Peter operates as an energy expert, strategic consultant, and a fabulous teacher and leader, and contributes with unique exclusive content for Forbes on the energy markets.

His impressive dedication to the energy sector, for more than 30 years, having passed through different parts of the globe for major players in the energy industry such as East Coast for New Energy Ventures, Constellation New Energy,, and GE, and his unique and constant research on the development, progress, and evolution of energy make his training one of the most awaited training for energy storage.

He has led a company worth more than one billion dollars in the energy industry towards success and helps businesses to make money by reducing energy usage.

Peter has much to share and teach and keeps inspiring with his engaging teaching methods, and new findings in the industry.

Training outline

Day 1

The Big Picture: Energy Storage to Date, Applications, and The Growing Need for Storage Technologies on the Grid Today

Learning objectives:

  • Recent changes in the grid, with the increase in intermittent renewables
  • Growth in the wind, wind production profiles, and the value of storage
  • Growth in solar, and solar production profiles, and the value of storage

Different Storage Technologies for Various Applications

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the various requirements for storage, in terms of capacity and energy, and associated trade-offs
  • Comprehend the various technologies in the market today, the key issues affecting each storage technology, such as round-trip efficiencies, limiting factors, and state of market readiness
  • Understand where each technology fits into the bigger picture on the evolution to a carbon-free grid

Battery Storage Technologies: Cost and Performance

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental battery technologies, including performance, and key characteristics
  • Comprehend the critical issues related to software and market dynamics
  • Understand why lithium-ion chemistries dominate today’s market

Storage as a Resource in Utility Portfolio Planning Practices

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how to determine optimal levels of storage at different places on the grid as the grid continues to evolve
  • Comprehend the trade-offs between capacity and energy for the opportunities being addressed
  • Discuss the planning and systems requirements necessary to manage, coordinate, and optimize performance of storage assets within the power grid
  • Understand the important safety-related concerns

Day 2

Benefits of Energy Storage, Applications, and Use Cases

Learning objectives:

  • Understand in greater detail the specific products and services
  • Discuss various use cases to better understand the value of the storage resource at various locations on the grid
  • Comprend how those use cases are likely to change with the evolution of the grid

Regulatory Framework: Policy and Rate Structures

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of the regulatory framework in the ability of storage to succeed in the market
  • Discuss the flexibility of the storage resource as a grid asset
  • Review various national and U.S. state-level policies and how they affect outcomes

Cybersecurity Concerns

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the magnitude of the threat represented by cyber-attacks
  • Discuss the challenges created by greatly increasing the number of assets to the grid
  • Comprehend the unique and critical nature of batteries in this context

End of Life Disposition

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how batteries are manufactured, the different chemistries and configurations that affect end-of-life disposition
  • Discuss second-life applications of EV batteries on the power grid
  • Examine recycling models and growth of lithium-ion battery recycling

Battery Storage Chemistries and Applications: Heading Into the Future

Learning objectives:

  • Develop a perspective on future outcomes
  • Understand where storage may be headed, as well as some of the barriers that must be overcome


Training certificate

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5 star rating

The best course I have ever taken.

Katarina B

A lot of information presented in a very understandable way. The training content is full of data, statistics, and market examples. The trainer is a world-cl...

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A lot of information presented in a very understandable way. The training content is full of data, statistics, and market examples. The trainer is a world-class professional. I highly recommend it.

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5 star rating

It is worth the investment of time and money.

Leon White

As a master's degree student in energy storage and a bachelor of energy engineering, I highly recommend this course to people who want to start their career ...

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As a master's degree student in energy storage and a bachelor of energy engineering, I highly recommend this course to people who want to start their career in the Energy Storage field. It is an excellent bridge between theoretical concepts provided by universities and practical knowledge possessed only by industry experts.

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star rating

5 star rating

Very informative training

Sonia Parnell

The content is amazing. It's well laid out, easy to understand. Great Job!

The content is amazing. It's well laid out, easy to understand. Great Job!

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