Introduction to Wind and Hydrogen Training by Charley Rattan

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Introduction to Wind and Hydrogen Training

This course will give you a broad understanding of the key challenges and opportunities associated with wind and hydrogen and their role in decarbonizing our energy systems. Participants will be prepared for quantum growth in the wind and hydrogen space by taking this training course. You will acquire the necessary insight and skills to understand the core challenges in the wind, offshore wind and hydrogen industries and how these emerging technologies are rapidly moving from a regional to a global decarbonization solution.

Join this course to discover the rapidly growing offshore wind industry and the impact it will have, along with hydrogen, around the world. Wind and hydrogen expert, Charley Rattan, will take you on a journey where you will learn in-depth the fundamental aspects of the entire supply chain, infrastructure, hybrid design effects, and integration of electrolysers on and offshore.

The benefits of attending this training are:

  • Discover projects that are making an impact, including case studies about Projects PosHYdon and DolPHyn
  • Understand the upcoming business opportunities in the Wind & Hydrogen space
  • Gain in-depth fundamental aspects of the wind & hydrogen supply chain and infrastructure
  • Explore how companies are benefiting from regeneration options around the coast and beyond
  • Explore how companies are benefiting from regeneration options around the coast and beyond
  • Investigate Wind & Hydrogen business strategies that can be applied across the world for countries to position themselves in a decarbonised industry

How the organization can benefit from attending this training:

  • To successfully take the first step in the wind and hydrogen energy sector
  • Create intuitive learning opportunities within the organization's workforce
  • Promote development and knowledge-growth amongst employees, thus fostering an ambiance of competitive advancements
  • High efficiency and better investment decisions
  • Empowering practitioners within an organization to get acquainted with the latest technologies

Meet Charley Rattan

Charley Rattan is one of the leading experts who will guide you with insider knowledge about the renewable energy sector. This UK-based industry expert has fifteen years of experience as a former energy project manager, offshore wind business advisor, and mentor. He enlightens big organizations and their staff with the practical approach and application through the virtual classes. Recently, he associated with the e-learning platform Noviron thus mentoring and advising organizations related to global energy transformation. The primary goal is to create awareness about new opportunities related to the wind and hydrogen sector.

This program star has a deep passion for renewable energy and has worked to gain expertise with Eon, Shell, and SSE for several wind energy assets. He teaches in the most revolutionized, technological, and modern ways to upgrade attendees with the best skillset and knowledge.

Training outline

Wind and hydrogen – the current situation

Learning objectives:

  • Wind technology overview
  • Global wind markets overview
  • Onshore and offshore differences
  • Circular and CSR principles

Hydrogen from offshore wind

Learning objectives:

  • Sector deal scalability
  • Grid constraints and siting strategies
  • Gas v liquid – pipelines and distribution challenge
  • Oil and gas transformation and decommissioning

Route to market: transport, steel, cement, agriculture, high energy use clusters

Learning objectives:

  • Opportunities and hurdles
  • How to overcome market barriers


Training certificate

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After successful completion of this training, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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